Arctic Monkeys live at Lollapalooza 2014 (almost full show)

idk but your youtube channel is my fave and it have saved me so many times i adore you ok (seriously, thanks for uploading so many am concerts xx)

Wow, thank you very much, it’s so sweet xxx

I try my best and I hope YouTube won’t delete me someday haha

do you know if gracz54 is recording?

Yeah, I think so

New Teddy Picker solo is amazing

shes-thunderstorms replied to your post: OK, my apologies, NOS Alive THIS is th…

This is shocking and now it’s kicked me out saying it’s not available in my country. Wtf??

thank god it’s okay now

u recording the stream?? :)


OK, my apologies, NOS Alive

THIS is the worst stream in the history of the Universe

are you gonna record/upload lollapalooza?

I hope I’ll upload it, yeah


Lollapalooza, 2009-2011

They played Teddy Picker, just wow